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This guidebook is an invitation to discover the beautiful climbing area between Gorizia, Monfalcone and the Adriatic Sea where 'no big' climbers can find very interesting routes recently rebolted and with the possibility of climbing from short boulders, to interesting pitches and a good number of 2 or 3 pitch routes. All this in some of the nicest places between the Carso hills and the Sea far from the most famous and crowded areas of Trieste, where climbing is possible all over the year.



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Organization of the guidebook

Every climbing site has a route map, topos, photos and a brief description with the number of pitches, length, grade and type of in-situ gears.

Every route is identified by a number.

Red numbers refer to sports climbs; pink numbers refer to dangerous historical routes with no in-situ or very old protections.


Length is always specified (sometimes 70 or 80 meters rope is required!). L1, L2 . are used to refer to pitch n. 1, pitch n. 2 in multi-pitch routes.


The French scale (5a, 5b, etc.) is used for all sports climb.

UIAA scale is used for the old historical climbs in Sistiana.

Equipment of routes

All sports climbs belays are completely equipped.
Abbreviations :
R = resin anchor
10mm = 10mm bolts
8mm = 8mm bolts
!! = old historical route with unreliable or no in-situ protection.

In Sistiana climbing area it is recommended to check carefully the state of belays and bolts as they can be damaged by salinity.

Style of climbing

PL = inclined slabs
V = vertical
ST = overhanging face

Personal equipment

For the sports climbs it is assumed that normal equipment includes harness, 15 slings, 60 m rope (at least). In Sistiana climbing area helmet is required.
For those who want to climb any old historical route in Sistiana, complete mountain equipment and experience is absolutely needed. Climbing these routes is, nowadays, totally inadvisable!








































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